Comfort Is The Enemy Of Progree

Hey Guys3d0bc7d2bb19238f1cdbbafba4bdb246

I stumble across this quote and thought to my self this is what my problem is, I need to look into this, I need to change things….

When I was 19..yes along time a go I am 32 now I had to make a choice go back to college and do my diploma or take the job I have now…. yes i took the job.

I have been here that long I celebrated my Testimonial year a few years ago…

Thats my problem I am comfortable here, well deep down I am scared of change, I really want to change my job I want to fulfill my dreams I want change.

I need to sort a few home things out and then I promise you all that I will look into change I will no longer be conformable which  has stopped my progression in life


Lots Of love

H xx








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