Comfort Is The Enemy Of Progree

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I stumble across this quote and thought to my self this is what my problem is, I need to look into this, I need to change things….

When I was 19..yes along time a go I am 32 now I had to make a choice go back to college and do my diploma or take the job I have now…. yes i took the job.

I have been here that long I celebrated my Testimonial year a few years ago…

Thats my problem I am comfortable here, well deep down I am scared of change, I really want to change my job I want to fulfill my dreams I want change.

I need to sort a few home things out and then I promise you all that I will look into change I will no longer be conformable which  has stopped my progression in life


Lots Of love

H xx








Its goes on & on

Hi Guys

Well am new here

Thank You for reading my blog you lovely bunch!

Question today Does Life Really go on, reverting back to the name of my blog. Well yes life does go on… Let me explain…

(Am not looking for sympathy here)  Trying to explain life really does go on!

A year ago back in 2017 July something major happened in my life, we lost our home, we was homeless…on the street, I had a 2 year old boy and a fiance  and myself all homeless. Our landlord who was a family member (brother) of my fiance decided to sell his house and wanted us out to move his family into our house which we had been renting from him for a year and half. We was told no we want you out but luckily we will give you all the money you have paid for rent back so you aren’t left with nothing…..Come to think of it I was still very upset how could he do such a thing, but on the other hand 10,000 for a mortgage a new house, fresh start this bad situation was looking good…………….

Well to cut a long story short that 10,000 didn’t appear we were told that he couldn’t afford to give us that money, MY WORLD CRASHED! Not only did we have to move a whole house into storage, a house we loved to rent and live in me made our own home, we also didn’t have any money, no were to live and besides that had other problems surrounding our landlord, which tried to get my fiance arrested they phoned social services about my little boy who then was 2 years old saying we wasn’t fit parents, we weren’t looking after him correctly……MY WORLD WAS DESTROYED!

Well there was a bit of a happy ending, I am not writing this from the pavements of a very cold street, My parents came to the rescue and took me, my fiancé and my baby boy in, while we save up for a deposit, we are still currently there still saving and looking for our own house…but if it wasn’t for my family we would have been no were.

Unfournatley we lost family members, my fiances parents brother and their family because they refused to help us they wanted to see their god child, nephew and grandson on the street, my parents have been angels in disguises helped us a lot, during this period, friends who also helped us move, store furniture etc have become family  which we have become very close  to.

The point of my post yes life goes on…. No matter what you are going through at this moment of time life still goes on, people around you will carry on living their lives as the landlord still lives in our house and continues to live happily ever after. Its up to you how you deal with a bad situation you can sit and think on it and think that life stops just because you are having a bad time or you can say to yourself I am having a bad time at the moment but tomorrow is another day yes maybe all my dreams wont come true but things will get better just keep your chin up and keep smiling!

Thank For Reading You Lovely Bunch!
Love You Lots xxxxxxxabove-adventure-aerial-air.jpg